MAUNAWAI® PI®PRIME K8 water filter

MAUNAWAI ® PI®PRIME K8 water system
ffor ‘medium’, ‘hard’ and ‘very hard’ water.




The ceramic pre-filter is a preliminary filter which deals with any residue in the tap water.

It filters out dust, rust and other suspended solids or sediment.

With a pore size of only 0.2 µm, the ceramic is so fine that bacteria cannot pass through it. This provides effective protection from all kinds of germs.





As well as removing lime, the limescale filter also removes nitrates, nitrites and heavy metals. This means that the limescale filter works with the main filter to protect you from potential contaminants in your tap water.


Premium Filter



At the “heart” of the MAUNAWAI® water filter system is the multi-layer Premium PI®filter cartridge:

I. Outstanding activated carbon made from coconut shells

High-tech, high quality manufacturing process and excellent performance. The  activated carbon in the PremiumPI® filter cartridge removes pesticides, heavy metals and many other pollutants.

II. PI® ceramic balls, PI® and tourmaline ceramics

These release traces of minerals and cause the water to form into natural, small clusters. The tourmaline ceramics act as a catalyst and help the PI®ceramic balls to work on the water.

III. Quartz sand and coral sand

These have a natural positive charge and reorganise the structure of the water, performing the same function as a stream would do in nature. This stage improves the flavour of the water. The corals provide energy  and keep the  water’s pH value within the ideal range.

IV.a.  Zeolite elements and magnets

These help to improve the flavour and ‘energise’ the water.

Zeolites act as highly porous biocatalysts, absorb parts of molecules,  can store poisonous substances such as arsenic and ammonium, and improve the function of PI® ceramics. If zeolite is dissolved in water and drunk, it can bind free radicals and thereby help the body.

IV.b. ‘Magic ball' bioceramics and Alcalina  bioceramics

These reduce the size of the cluster structures in  tap water. In addition, Alcalina bioceramics make the pH more alkaline.

V.  EM ceramics and calcium

EM ceramics were developed by Professor Higa. EM ceramics contain the energy signature of Effective Micro-Organisms, which are used successfully all over the world in farming, food supplements and many other areas.

Calcium stabilises the relationship between calcium and magnesium in the water, giving the water back its natural balance.





The filter system’s special outlet valve

At the end of its journey the MAUNAWAI® water passes through a high-quality magnetic field in the tap, which “organises” the water molecules.  This also has the well-known effect of decalcifying the water, which actually represents a change in the physical structure:  Lime “suspended” in the water tends to stick less to the walls of containers.

The result

The result of this natural filtration and percolation process is MAUNAWAI® “spring water”, which has a thoroughlypleasant taste, is soft and easy to digest . This is the type of water the cells in our bodies need and so we enjoy drinking it!

Try giving your plants this water to drink and see the effects.

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