Customer reviews

It’s not just the experts interested in water who are convinced by Mauanwai. Here are some of the everyday experiences of some proud Maunawai owners!

G.M. from Switzerland:

“The water really does taste loads better... it makes you want to drink more, which is really important to me, as I normally drink far too little. I will gladly retail your products.”

R.G. from Stuttgart:

“I love drinking water from your Premium system many times a day. I don’t have to cart sparkling water home any more, and hardly ever need to buy juice. The water reminds me of something. Every year I couldn’t wait for my holiday in Oberwallis (Switzerland). I would arrive there absolutely parched, climb “my mountain” and drink wonderfully fresh water from the alpine trough. This “welcome drink” would reinvigorate my weary mind and body and I experience the same thing with your water. It gets into your system straight away and tastes fantastic, even though it’s still rather than sparkling. I use it for cooking and even water my plants with it. Given that I’ve only had it for a week, I can’t really talk about the long-term effects. But that doesn’t really matter for now – something that tastes so refreshing must be good for you and keep you healthy. What more can we ask for?

The instruction manual is easy to understand, I had no problems putting it together, and cleaning it and changing filters is not a big job at all. Your service was excellent when I had a question and the price means that everyone can afford one.

The system looks good and is a decent size, it’s environmentally friendly and doesn’t take a lot of effort to install. I’d definitely recommend it!”

R. Michalke:

“I would never have thought it possible that our heavily chlorinated water could be turned into something “delicious”.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that after about three weeks of testing the system, the first thing we do in the morning and the last thing before we go to bed is to go to our very own “spring”. In a nutshell: we love it, and we’re normally very critical so that really does mean something.

People who come to visit enjoy drinking our home-made water just as much as we do... some of them have even filled bottles to take home.

I myself have never enjoyed drinking water so much, and have never drunk so much of it before. I can only agree with Mr Ss. Lanka’s comment on the water’s positive effect on the kidneys and urine.

And if I’m away for several days, I fill a few bottles to take with me...
This is the best innovation I’ve seen for a long time...
Thank you!”

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