Committed to great water for more than 15 years

Maria Knoch Dipl.oec., Geschäftsführer, ErnährungsberaterinWater has been very important to me for more than 20 years now. Good water is the basis for a healthy life.

As a health and nutrition adviser I know how important good water is, along with healthy and  gluten-free food. 

In 1995 I brought the first PI system to Germany. 

I was very committed and keen to learn – so much that I personally flew to Japan to find out even more about Prof Dr Shinji Makino and the PI technology he has now developed to such a high level.

I have looked into  a great many water purification systems. To this day  I consider PI filter technology to be the best system on the market, in every aspect.

More specifically, I acquired the rights to the PI® trademark in Europe (04.02.1999/No.: 39906218); later I also had the MAUNAWAI® trademark registered and protected (22.10.2009/No.: 008633761).  

My main aim is to be able to offer this technology in a form that makes it affordable for people to have their own “spring” water. The MAUNAWAI® water system  provided the solution I was looking for.  (In Hawaii mountain water is called Maunawai.)

It’s a water system which does not need to be connected to the mains supply, is easy to use and does not take up much space. We know that it’s a success, not just from recent results and research, but also from the enthusiasm our customers have shown.

All of our experience and knowledge is channelled into MAUNAWAI®, to guarantee the best water for your home.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have! I’d also be happy to provide you with more information over the phone!

Maria Knoch
Health and Nutrition adviser (Dipl oec.)

You too can enjoy your own spring water at home!