Institute report

Particularly marked change in the original water: “MAUNAWAI PI water”

From an internal Institute report
Stuttgart, 30 January 2009
Author: Berthold Heusel

Institute of Statics and Dynamics of Aerospace Structures
University of Stuttgart


“For the water purification system we analysed, tests have shown that the structure of the droplet image is completely changed. In the MAUNAWAI PI water purification system, water is pre-filtered by a ceramic filter and an activated carbon filter, derived from coconut shells. The water is then passed through a series of different filter layers, made up of substances such as EM pipes, minerals  and crystals from high Japanese mountain ranges. The results indicate that water from Lake Constance showing flow characteristics turns into water with a distinct, central ring structure, with characteristic crystal formations at the centre.”

Wasser VOR Aufbereitung mit MaunawaiWasser NACH Aufbereitung mit Maunawai

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Later comments:

“The droplet structure has completely changed. Previously we saw only a vestigial structure, a “core” which has moved away from the centre, deformed and distorted shapes and general asymmetry. After the water has been run through the MAUNAWAI system, the droplet image is very orderly: a regular structure from the edge to the centre, with a very clear centre in which crystals have formed, all with organic and harmonious shapes.”

Berthold Heusel